Tiffany Parker is a Recording Artist, Songwriter and Entrepreneur. With a Pop/Soul sound that’s been positively compared to artists like Britt Nicole and Tori Kelly—Tiffany’s driven to bridge the gap between Mainstream Pop and Christian Music by using music as a vehicle for love, truth, and hope to people all over the world.

Her songs have been heard and featured on networks such as TLC, A&E, VH1, MTV, Bravo, E!, Telemundo, Oxygen and ABC, as well as on Oprah Winfrey Network programs and with companies such as Logitech, and Intel.

The “One Voice” EP was written and created by Tiffany with the help of international hit music producer Marcus “Bellringer” Bell (Timbaland, Sony Music, Warner Brothers, Usher),  Big Yellow Dog Music Songwriter and Music Producer, Alexi Von Guggenburg,  as well as Christian Music Producer and Artist, Brandon Bee (Stacie Orrico, Save the City Records).

Her songs are anthems for the ambitious-hearted with themes of positive change, overcoming obstacles, and the breakthroughs God has worked in her life, set to pop and soul musicality.

Creative Spirit Tiffany Parker on Artist Strong

Creative Spirit Tiffany Parker on Artist Strong: “Music has always lit me up.”

Carrie: Welcome to Artist Strong Tiffany. When did you first realize your love of music?

I realized my love of music at a very young age. I used to put on shows on the fireplace mantle at all family get togethers and charge my family and friends 25 cents to hear me sing Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On.”  I was always dancing, singing, dreaming and choreographing shows. It was just in me, even without outside influence. Then, when I was about 14, I realized I could do this as a career on a large scale and no one could slow me down. It became a goal and a vision. Music has always lit me up.

Carrie: Can you describe the evolution of your artistic style? (Have you always made music with this unique vision or what was your turning point into recognizing this style was your authentic “you”?)

My music has been a MASSIVE journey of finding my voice, my style and who I am as both an artist and a person. I started off writing what I thought I had to write or what was popular, but as I grew more and more as an artist, I got much bolder with being me 100%. Sometimes I look back at the music I created years ago and I absolutely CRINGE! 🙂  

My turning point in recognizing my unique style and voice was after being diagnosed with a debilitating disease called Ulcerative Colitis in 2012. I got to the point where I wasn’t sure I’d be able do music again; I really began to evaluate my life from all angles. Once I got better, I had a clear vision of who I was and what I wanted to create paired with the boldness and confidence to do it. I felt free to finally be who I am. I wanted to live my life knowing I gave everything I had and lived my vision. The style and direction of my music was a huge part of that.

Creative Spirit Tiffany Parker on Artist Strong

Creative Spirit Tiffany Parker on Artist Strong: “My creative ideas usually come to me at a very random times.”

Carrie: Can you describe your creative process to readers?

My creative ideas usually come to me at a very random times. I have to have my notebook or iPhone on me at all times to catch ideas, record vocal parts, melodies, lyrics, blogs, whatever it is that day. One key part of my creative process is letting it complete. Meaning, once an idea or expression begins, to wait it out until my brain dump and inspiration is empty.

I find ideas and creativity come in waves for me so it is very important to ride it out. More specifically, when I am writing a song, I love to begin with a track or piece of music. I am incredibly inspired by emotions, beats and energy of a full piece of music. After usually comes a lyrical concept and melody and then I fine tune lyrics to fit in the melody. This is my usual process. All of my best work has been created in this way.

Carrie: What does your workspace look like?

I have a home recording studio that I use for all music components and as an office. It is full of instruments, recording equipment, my favorite business books, cozy lighting and pictures of some of my favorite moments in my career as well as beautiful nature photos taken by my husband, Justin.

It is incredibly organized and clean: I cannot work in a messy space! I do like to have variety in my work day as well so depending on the project I will work outside on the porch, at a coffee shop, or even on my couch.

Creative Spirit Tiffany Parker on Artist Strong

Dreamer to Doer Academy is run by Creative Spirit Tiffany Parker

Carrie: How has social media and the internet helped you as an artist?

I would say the internet has been the most important part of building my artist career. I have made some of my greatest connections through it. I even work and collaborate virtually with producers, writers and people in other states. It has made it possible to run a successful brand and business from anywhere on my own terms.

Carrie: What has been one hurdle you’ve overcome as a creative and how did you navigate that problem?

Having too many ideas! I am a multi-passionate entrepreneur and fitting all of my interests into one brand has been critically difficult for me. I have done a lot of trial and error and one of the most important things I learned is there is a way to blend many of my interests into one brand, but I don’t have to monetize or do everything professionally.

Being clear on where I am headed, why and who I serve has made it much easier to focus, rather than running around with no direction like I did in the beginning. Single pointed focus is the most important component to a successful career.

Creative Spirit Tiffany Parker on Artist Strong

Creative Spirit Tiffany Parker on Artist Strong: “Being clear on where I am headed, why and who I serve has made it much easier to focus…”

Carrie: How do you navigate the feelings of vulnerability that show up during the creative process?

A lot of practice! That’s the reason I made such ‘safe’ and generic music in the beginning… I was scared to show who I really was. It didn’t happen overnight, but I slowly began adding in aspects of the real me and eventually I got to the point where pretty much everything is out on the table.

I realized that by me holding back what I have dealt with and the reality of who I am, I was doing a disservice. By being who I am, telling my story, sharing my struggles and being vulnerable with my audience, I have made a bigger impact and touched peoples lives who are going through similar circumstances. Vulnerability is powerful and worth pushing through the fear to find.

Carrie: If you could select any musical composition to help describe who you are/the story of your life, which would you choose?

That is a tough question! I would say my latest single “One Voice” and my upcoming EP is the story of my life and all the issues I care deeply about. I go into my health struggles, my self doubt, all of the obstacles and victories that make me who I am. That will be released later this year. As far as someone else’s song that gives a glimpse into who I am, Tori Kelly’s Unbreakable Smile does a good job of that.

Creative Spirit Tiffany Parker on Artist Strong

Creative Spirit Tiffany Parker’s EBook The Power of One Voice

Carrie: What do you hope listeners take from your music?

That anything is possible. That we are here on this earth for a purpose. That one voice is all it takes to make massive change in the world and to never settle for less than what you feel called to do. I want people to be inspired, empowered and to use their gifts and lives for something great.

Carrie: What is one creative resource you can’t live without?

I use so many resources, programs and apps but some of my favorites are the simplest things. A word document, Voice Recorder and some ideas. That’s where everything starts for me.

Carrie: Who/what inspires you?

People who take the road less traveled and defy the odds in the name of pursuing their dreams inspire me. Action takers, dreamers and DOERS. God, being out in nature, and love. These are all daily inspirations in my life.

Carrie: How do you define Creativity?

Creativity is using your gifts to create something that no one else can create. It is uniquely yours, your perspective, your gifts and your experiences. Creativity is looking at the world through a different lens, a powerful and impactful lens. Creativity is what changes lives and changes the world.

“Creativity is using your gifts to create something that no one else can create.” (Click to Tweet)

BE COURAGEOUSLY CREATIVE: Do you fully express your true self as a creative or do you hide because of imagined “shoulds?” Tell me in the comments one small step you can take today to celebrate YOUR unique creativity!

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