priscilla daniels, art interviews, art lessons, art ideas, art resources

Priscilla is a self taught artist currently living in Las Vegas Nevada. She works in mixed media, acrylics, oils and inks. In her work she creates imagery that aims to express human experiences, emotions, love, hope, life, and change.

priscilla daniels, art interviews, art lessons, art ideas, art resources

Creative Spirit Priscilla Daniels

Carrie: Welcome Priscilla, when did you first realize arts were important to your life?

I remember always having a love of creativity. I realized that being creative was really important towards the end of my childhood. It was something that still allowed me to dream, journal and make sense of the world that was always changing around me.

Youth should always have access to find safety and security in creativity of all different forms. It is the one thing that young people can hold onto and allows them to be uniquely themselves in a world that is always changing and forcing them to grow up.

Carrie: If you could choose two words to describe your art, what would you choose?

Interesting. Colorful.

Carrie: Can you describe the evolution of your artistic style? (Have you always made art with this unique vision or what was your turning point into recognizing this style was your authentic “you”?)

Every piece of art I try to treat individually. Each time I create it is a new experience. Although my work may have a certain style, I try to focus on the piece of work I am creating more so than to make sure that I am creating the same signature style in every piece I create.  

priscilla daniels, art interviews, art lessons, art ideas, art resourcesCarrie: How do you know when an artwork is finished?

I am finished working on something when I get a feeling that lets me know there is nothing more that needs to be said.

Carrie: What does your workspace look like? (photos or description or both welcome)

My work space is a room downstairs in the den. It has windows and plenty of light in the morning. I have an easel and a long table down the middle of the studio where I keep brushes, papers, paints and mixed media pieces. It’s a nice space that I enjoy working in.

There are still times that I tend to move around the house when creating. Sometimes I am at the kitchen table other times I might be outside depending on the season.

priscilla daniels, art interviews, art lessons, art ideas, art resourcesCarrie: What has been one hurdle you’ve overcome as a creative and how did you navigate that problem?

There are times when I experience a block. When this happens I try to sketch in a book or write until I come up with something that inspires me. Other times I may need to step away for a little while.

I then come back and review some of my older work, read poetry or listen to some music that gets me into a creative mood. It is always there when I come back but I try not to force it. I try to let it happen as it does.

Carrie: What strategies do you use to help yourself when you feel “stuck?”

Sometimes it’s just listening to music that helps open me up other times it’s going for a walk. Sometimes it’s writing.

priscilla daniels, art interviews, art lessons, art ideas, art resourcesCarrie: How do you think vulnerability affects artists/creatives?

Vulnerability is pretty much a necessity when it comes to creating. Art in general allows people to experience vulnerability whether we are makers of it or observers. That’s what makes it special because it allows a space for vulnerability to happen.

Carrie:  What is one creative resource you can’t live without?

priscilla daniels, art interviews, art lessons, art ideas, art resourcesThe library is an amazing resource that a person can depend on. I always look for books to explore expanding my inspiration and creativity.

Carrie: Who/what inspires you?

It wasn’t until after my daughter was born that I started showing my artwork to other people. She is one thing that inspires me. Watching her grow has been the greatest inspiration.

She allows me to see things from a different perspective. She lets me realize that things are always changing and to cherish the moments and embrace the changes that happen.

Carrie:  How do you define Creativity?

Creativity is a colorful multi-faceted, multi-dimensional language that allows a person to connect with their self. As it is shared it allows people to connect with it, which inspires thought, vulnerability and memory. Creativity is the greatest gift.

Be Creatively Courageous: What has been the greatest gift creativity has given you? Share your gratitudes in the comments below.

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