‘The Island of the Eagles’ by MH, All Rights Reserved

Today I would like to welcome Creative Spirit Mohamad Hourani. He is a photographer and has an artist site called Point of View.

Artist Strong: Hello Mo, could you please introduce yourself to Artist Strong readers? Where are you from? Where do you live? What do you do?

MH: My Name is Mohamad Hourani, I am a Lebanese/World citizen, I temporarily live in Beirut as my home base is Aleppo, Syria, and I am the Athletic Director of the ICARDA International School of Aleppo.
Artist Strong: How did you discover your interest in photography?
MH: Photography is a passion. My first photography experience as I remember was when I started stealing my dad’s camera and using the 36 picture film rolls for random pictures or ‘points of views’… get a yell for using up the film, then get a smile for the photos I took when developed.
I started venturing into photography seriously when I started working abroad and traveling around, I thought: what better way to store memorable places and moments other than taking photos. I never thought that my photos would be interesting to anyone else at all, until my wife mentioned that I need to do something with these photos and share them with people.
Artist Strong: Do you have a favorite work right now? What is it?
MH: Tough question, but if I have to pick, it would be the ‘Nepali Woman Resting’. I enjoy the mood and the position of the woman overlooking the lush hills of Nepal. I also mostly enjoy the story told in the photo, it portrays the simplistic, down to earth, yet busy life of Nepali people.

‘Waiting, Wishing’ by MH, All Rights Reserved

What has been your most challenging shot? 

MH: ‘Um’ in The Thai Buddhist Temple, where photography wasn’t allowed and I snuck in my Nikon D80.

Artist Strong: Where has been the most interesting place for you to travel and take photographs?
MH: Nepal, Nepal, & Nepal… Vibrant and full of life and colors!! I enjoyed every bit of taking photos there and heading there again real soon..
Artist Strong: Do you believe in the right place, right time philosophy of photography or that it is all about the staging of shots?
MH: Right place, right time all the way. Staging photos in my opinion gives photos a fake atmosphere that I don’t like..
Artist Strong: What kind of camera do you use?
MH: Nikon D80
Artist Strong: What is your advice to photographers that are starting out and who want to make it a business?
MH: Be different and unique, use your point of view with every photo, and share it (your point of view). Explore different kinds of photography and read a lot of books/online venues on taking the best photos. The more you read, the more you understand your camera and the more you are able to state your point of view in each photo. Experiment with your camera and most of all.. Enjoy every click of the camera.
Artist Strong: Has anyone inspired your choices and direction in this profession?
MH: My wife Zeina would my main motivation towards photography, she really encouraged kick starting this business, and helped tremendously in the process of finding the right venues and the right times to display my work.

Artist Strong: I want to thank Mo for taking the time to be interviewed about his creative endeavors! If you want to learn more about this creative spirit you can check out his website at called Point of View. You can also like him on Facebook here.

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