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As Artists, we can often struggle with how to work with charities. Should we donate our art? How? I’m sure that’s why this Creative Spirit interview resonated so strongly with readers. In it, Robin Pedrero speaks about her own art as well as a larger creative project all about raising funds for charity. It’s called the Twitter Art Exhibit and brings artists together from all over the world to raise money for charity.

I caught up with Robin recently and she’s had quite a bit of news since we last connected:

“I have quite a diverse art business. Since we last connected I’m excited to share that I’ve become a published and licensed artist with Sun Dance and I have a solo museum exhibit in September of 2015. I tend to interact with my fans and collectors via social media daily, and because of this I get many requests and commissions.

For instance the sharing and discussing of an art image led to an inquiry which inspired me to continue with a series, I shared the new art whereupon another collector asked me to please create Christmas Cards and I did. (Cards are here on my website).  That same customer also asked me to create calendars for 2015; so I created three, “Coffee, Tea, and Cups,”  “Nature and Landscapes,”  and “Crows.” The stories continue; an art collector from California requested more tile selections for her new kitchen, and a collector purchased a pair of printed earrings and asked for more as well, so I increased my designs in two of my shops,  and

I really enjoy being able to bring joy and meet the creative needs of my art collectors in these different was to use my talents. A wonderful advantage occurred with Fine Art America, a company that does prints on demand, they now offer all orders for paper prints to ship to any address in the UK within one business day and to any address in Europe within 2 – 5 business days! It means low shipping rates, no import taxes, and a really convenient way for me to meet my art collectors’ needs in the UK and Europe.  It can be hard for fans and collectors to keep up even with social media as I paint, produce work and sell work on a regular basis. I encourage signing up for my newsletter to keep up with new offerings.”

My favorite quote from Robin’s interview:

“I do not wait to be inspired. I just begin painting.” (Click to Tweet)

Personally, I’m so wowed by the power of the internet. I get to connect with people all over the world like you via Artist Strong and it’s SO awesome! 🙂 This interview has me impressed because it shows what this kind of connection can do. While the Twitter Art Exhibit has arranged multiple shows over the years, it was done entirely via the internet. Only this last year did the board actually connect in person!

Robin’s interview is a great example of how creatives can have multiple creative projects going on at once. Her work is stunning and full of color. Be sure you take the time to read more about Robin Pedrero and The Twitter Art Exhibit in our 3rd most read Creative Spirit Interview for 2014.

BE COURAGEOUSLY CREATIVE: How have you as a creative worked with charity based organizations? I want to know! Tell me about it in the comments below.

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