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This month, Artist Strong showcases the best of the best. Check in and see: have you missed out on the most read articles on Artist Strong? Read my popular interviews and strategies for your creative success.

The creative process and vulnerability seem to go hand in hand. Our second most read interview (of all time!) discusses exactly that. Amy Firth was inspired by people such as Brene Brown and Elizabeth Gilbert, to showcase creatives from all walks of life discussing vulnerability and the creative process. Thus, The Vulnerability Project was borne!

“What is this creative whirlwind that intoxicates us with passion and then spits us out with self-made rejection?!” (Click to Tweet)

Amy takes some time to check in with us on Artist Strong:
It’s been an eventful and exciting year since we last connected and as ever I’m deeply grateful for the blessings that continue to unfold around me.  Personally I’ve embarked on a few new adventures this year, committing to a two year course with the One Spirit Interfaith Seminary which will see me ordained as an Interfaith Minister in 2016 – a joyful and invigorating journey that is enriching my spiritual practice, creative outlets and relationships. I travelled to NYC for the 2nd annual Emerging Women‘s conference where a mighty global tribe of female thought leaders, entrepreneurs and creative warriors gathered to inspire and discuss the ways & woes of living the truth of who we are and creating change in the world – a total heart opening, mind blowing, soul charging experience!
Creatively my music has been a constant source of joy this year – I bought my first electric guitar, look out! – and recorded a fundraising single in memory of a dear friend which raised over $1000 Australian dollars for The Blair Milan Fund established in his honour and the Australian Leukaemia Foundation. I also had the opportunity to share some thoughts & tunes at London’s TEDx event encouraging people to use timepieces as a gentle reminder to embrace small moments with gratitude.
And as for my beloved Vulnerability Project, the courageous conversation continues and is gaining interest from far and wide. We have a few exciting next steps in place for 2015 – watch this space! – but continue to cultivate conversation about vulnerability, creativity and courage. We’ve heard from some incredible individuals this year from classical pianist James Rhodes to the lady powers behind The Goddess Project and many fabulous people in between – the food for thought continues to be diverse & delicious! Come and get amongst it – there is a seat waiting for you…

Amy shares with us a meme going around about the creative process and discusses the tipping point between joy and fear that we struggle to manage as we create.

My most favorite quote: “I believe creativity is your spirit in action.”

Be sure to catch this Creative Spirit Interview if you missed it. You won’t regret it.

BE COURAGEOUSLY CREATIVE: How do you cope with the vulnerability that comes in your creative process? I want to know! Tell me about it in the comments below.

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