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There are people who always play the victim, and then there are people who take charge of their lives. Monique Hohnberg is a take charge kinda gal. Despite facing obstacles related to health, Monique inspires, pushes, encourages and calls all of us to derive strength from our challenges. This is why Monique Hohnberg is our most read Creative Spirit on Artist Strong.

When I caught up with Monique she was thrilled her interview resonated with readers.

“Wow, that’s fantastic news about my interview. Thanks Carrie, for asking me back to Artist Strong.

This last 12 months I’ve been as sick as a person can be. I’d be lying in bed, have a profound thought and tweet it. When the interview came out, it quickly got tweeted 1000 times. I had 26,000 followers so that meant a reach of 1 in 26 people.

That completely shocked me and at the same time confirmed my belief in what I was writing. It’s a philosophy of life I’ve built up over 20 years of doing it tough – heartbreakingly tough. It’s about moving forward with a soul-level acceptance. And then, you create your best possible quality of life with your circumstances. My twitter growth continues to be explosive, now over 53,000 followers.  In January 2014, I had 1,500.

Creative Spirit Monique Hohnberg

R.C. Bean’s Book

R.C. Bean found me on Twitter and as has asked me to be in her book, Solitaire Melodies, that features a number of women doing extraordinary things. That will be coming out next year.

My health has improved a lot but there is still a way to go. That is my main focus. But, I’ve also got some products coming out in 2015 which I’m super excited about. I’m keeping it a surprise for now. Stay tuned. 😉

And I do encourage anyone going through a hard time to use Artist Strong. Being creative is nurturing and it frees the soul. Carrie has some fabulous resources.

Merry Xmas and best wishes for 2015. Rise Regardless!!”

Find Monique on Twitter: @moniquehohnberg #RiseRegardless

Monique constantly calls people to action through her project #RiseRegardless on Twitter, where she shares quotes and points of view that inspire and bring hope to many who share obstacles and challenges in their lives. And really, who hasn’t had some obstacle or challenge to face? Personally, I believe we are measured by how we navigate those experiences. How people deal with challenge really speaks to a person’s character.

“Be your own hero & blaze a path through 2015. Accept you’re marvelous. Believe it every day with every fibre of your being.” (Tweet Me!)

Creative expression has been a channel for me to deal with illness or loss. And through that, I’ve realized art isn’t selfish. That work creates a space for everyone to share and learn. That’s why Monique’s quote above is so important. We may have crazy, difficult challenges that are brought about by life circumstance or our health, yet, if we can find the thing that makes us feel helpful and useful, well then, life can be a bit brighter for everyone.

Take the time to learn from Monique and consider: how can you make your life obstacles and challenges as a place of strength?

BE COURAGEOUSLY CREATIVE: Has creative expression been a source of strength in difficult times? I want to know. Tell me about it in the comments below.

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