I was brainstorming for future blog posts on Artist Strong when a particular question occurred to me. Let me offer some context. If you read here regularly, you know I’m in a state of limbo awaiting my move to a new country. This fact has directed and determined some of my art making and creative choices. I keep thinking, “When my studio is set up,” or, “When I have more time to focus and am settled into my new home.” This line of thinking led me to the question, “is needing the right space an excuse?!”

YES!!!!! Yes it is. I’m tired of waiting for my move and it’s my impatience and desire to create that made me recognize this. Yes its a little awkward setting up my easel in random places of my home for larger canvases, but is it really so impossible to paint anywhere? Since when do I even need an easel? I didn’t have one for years and painted on canvases propped up by chairs and tables against walls…How much do I WANT to make art? is a better question!

So, in the spirit of all those excuses we come up with that deflect us from our creative path… let us brainstorm the many excuses we hear in ourselves and others when we talk about creative process.

  1. I need the right space. Really? You need what space? Artists have painted outdoors, in sanatoriums, in closets turned studio spaces… you name it, we’ve made it there. Since when is the right space the reason to hold back from doing something that you care about?! That brings you passion and life?!

  2. I need more time. Ha! You are telling me that you make good use of every minute of your everyday? Many creatives I know wake up a bit earlier each morning to have a quiet time. Other strategies? What about skipping out on the 30 minutes or more each day of social media “doddling-about” to write or paint or sing? Which choice do you think will make you happier?

  3. This seems like an idyllic studio space.. but since when are our lives ever idyllic? Shall we wait for that moment to make our art?!

    This seems like an idyllic studio space.. but since when are our lives ever idyllic? Shall we wait for that moment to make our art?!

    I’m not feeling it. I don’t feel like doing the dishes. What happens when I don’t? Consequences. Food build up, smell, no more clean dishes… big picture? A worsening of the dishes situation. Yes, there are times you may not feel the creative juices flowing, but I guarantee that well will dry up completely if you don’t create. Work through the days of not feeling it by having a couple of projects on hand or an online course or tutorial that gets you working.

  4. I don’t know insert-the-skill-here. In this day and age this is the weakest excuse ever. I have found out EVERYthing about managing my own website and blog via free resources on the internet. I fancy learning how to quilt and have already found a bootload of resources available to me because of kind skillful people the world over.

BE COURAGEOUSLY CREATIVE: What is one excuse that holds you from creative success?