If only I could organize my life like this! How I love systems for structure… 🙂

I get so many ideas and have so many projects in mind that sometimes I’m not sure how to realize them and other times projects get lost by the wayside. Then there are times when a project is complete but the environment or circumstances have changed, which then require change on my part.

I currently have several projects I’m working on that lead me to reconsider goal-setting and time management. Here are some considerations you might apply to your creative goals:

1)  Prioritize.

I wasn’t making enough art and I was beginning to feel stuck. I decided renewing my creative energy needed to precede all of my projects because it would foster them when I’m once again in a renewed state. Takingthe jewelry course at DUCTAC has fostered exactly that energy. Now I can redirect that energy towards specific projects that have been in the works for varied lengths of time.

2)  Make lists.

Now that I’m feeling creatively rejuvenated it’s time to remind myself of all of my outstanding projects:

  • jewelry line design (#3)
  • e-book reformat for republication (#1)
  • phone ap development (#2)
  • Dubai story (#6)
  • embroidery painting (#4)
  • traded artwork (#5)

3)  Re-prioritize.

I’m assigning numbers to note my order of priority with all of these projects. While some will be on-going and take quite some time other projects may only need a long afternoon commitment. This number can help me consider how to balance all of these tasks. (See numbers in parentheses above to see my priorities).

4)  Use a calendar.

I have a calendar that is solely used for my personal, creative goals. I do place important dates and times from other parts of my life to help me manage everything going on but only so I don’t overbook my artistic goals. At the top of the calendar I place artists goals for each month that I can measure. For example, in February I aim to reformat at least 1 page of my e-book to make it e-reader friendly.

5) Act on my goals.

I keep hearing friends who say if they only have more time, or if they were in the right place. Well, good luck to you. My life rarely provides that perfect environment or opportunity to make my dreams come true. I do. One of my favorite quotes is from the artist Chuck Close:

“Inspiration is for amateurs; the rest of us just show up and get to work.”