From Al Quoz: Green Means Go? Photograph by Carrie Brummer All Rights Reserved

(Written Thursday Oct 6)

Tomorrow I am headed out to take more photos of Dubai. It’s a city I’ve lived in for nearly five years that has given me so many good things. I’ve grown so much as a person here. But despite living here this long (this is the 2nd longest I’ve lived anywhere!) there are still things to see and do, places I have yet to explore. I imagine most of us where ever we live still have parts of the state or country on our list of “someday to see.”

Last summer I started thinking about the places I’ve lived and how I’ve taken for granted I would always have that photo opportunity, or time to go see some historical site. How many places have I missed because of that assumption? I began listing out all of the places in Dubai I would still like to experience, photograph, etc. It was motivating enough to get me out for one really good photo shoot but it took a friend who wanted to join me to create the follow through.

Thankfully another friend has returned to Dubai and shares the same love of photography. She is an independent, motivated spirit (as I hope I am!) who is equally determined to explore. And now we do.

At least twice a month we hope to select a neighborhood or location and just go. Mornings are great because of the quiet and the light. Since we both enjoy the morning and its a time where we are least likely to have other obligations we have made it happen. And since we are both committed and interested, it reinforces our desire and follow through for the activity. I know in my case I’ve already seen places I would still be thinking about if it weren’t for our joint commitment to the arts. Our first trip we tooled around this construction site near one of my old apartment buildings. Tomorrow? Its Al Quoz, an industrial neighborhood that also houses part of Dubai’s burgeoning arts scene.

Even better…tomorrow we have two additional photographer lovers joining us for the journey. It kind of feels like our shared interests and motivation to act on those ideas have brought us together. And I hope it continues to!

Have you ever been part of a group where the joint commitment has propelled the individuals within the group forward and closer to each of their respective goals? I would love to join one as well for my painting and my writing. Maybe I would finally make some more time for that Dubai novel I plan to write! Creating a time to meet makes active room for art in my life. It also helps me better prioritize and manage all of my goals. Creatives Unite!!!

Artist Strong Action: Find a group of like-minded individuals to help you time-manage and be accountable for your creative goals. You won’t regret it!