It’s not about the actual time of day, but rather the time you make for your art!

My life is still in transience since I’m waiting for visas to begin my life in Muscat. One would think, just married, now moving, how does one have any time to make art? Well, that’s a choice for all of us to make. How much is art worth to you to find and make the time? I have a choice of how to use my time, and so do you.

Once a teacher with a hyper-structured scheduled, briefly an admin with a semi- structured, hectic pace, I wonder about structuring myself as a self-employed artist. It’s a fear many of us have, will we use our time well? Do we have the actual motivation to use the time well? I’ve realized that having several projects going at the same time actually helps me manage this time.

Currently I have three projects ongoing: (1) thank you note designs – linoblock, (2) an embroidered work – gift, (3) and a book cover design I started brainstorming on in June. At first, this overwhelmed me, I have so many ideas and things I want to do, in addition to these current projects. How do I navigate it all? How do I prioritize? While I still want to develop my business plan and create more art for sale (as I’m sure you do too), I want to finish these projects before I move, thus their priority. It will make room for me when I am settled into my studio to focus more concertedly on the business of being an artist. And by working on these projects, I am developing my routine for my day when I do have my space sorted.

Making time for that walk or bike ride might actually be a step closer to your creative routine.

I sometimes enjoy jumping around between projects (says the woman who once had to finish each project before she started another!) and I allow myself that as long as I’m working. And by having a few projects and mixing up my day I’ve built up the hours I spend on my art. I’m between 3-5 hours of daily practice in two weeks time. I sincerely hope that working towards the work routine and slowly building myself into routine that I’ll be ready for my full-time venture into self-employment.

Some other things I’m thinking about using to create routine include: morning pages (from The Artist’s Way), taking regular photos of artistic progress, and exercise (to break up the moments of distraction and boredom, and nervousness!).

Routine gives us the time and space to be creative. Do you value your creativity enough to build routine? You deserve it. And so do we!

Artist Strong Action: What is one small step for you to take towards a creative routine? Do you already have a strategy for building your creative routine? Share!