Part of being a creative involves finding inspiration.  For me, that leads to voracious reading and lots of TED Talks.  Someone highlighted in this year’s TED Conference has a direct connection to creativity.  Her name is Kathryn Schulz and she is an expert in error.

You heard me right, ha, ha.

This author realized how much we are socialized to be perfect and acknowledges just how much that can negatively affect our society!  She has written a  book entitled Being Wrong: Adventures in the Margin of Error.

This video is an awesome TEDTalk by Ms. Schulz you should definitely set aside 17 minutes for.  Its okay, go ahead.  I can wait. 🙂


How many times have you allowed failure in your life, or making a mistake, to be a natural, non-shameful event?  I know I’m quick to feel shame when I do something wrong.  I can still remember when I decided to stop writing poetry because I wasn’t obtaining the marks I thought a good poet would earn.  To this day I miss writing poetry.  And you know what?  It is never too late to start again.

What is most disappointing to me is the chance I had to be REALLY GOOD at it sooner in my life if I had persevered in high school.

The good news is IT IS NEVER too late.  Don’t allow one failed attempt to try something new prevent you from trying and trying again!  Mistakes are integral to our learning and development.  And when you are feeling down or like a failure because you have made that mistake that unnecessarily shames you, watch Schulz’s TED Talk again.

Want more Kathryn Schulz?  Here is her website Being Wrong.

Want to buy Being Wrong?  Click on the name to be sent directly to Amazon.  Any purchase will also support Artist Strong so one big THANK YOU in advance 🙂

BE COURAGEOUSLY CREATIVE:  Make a list of activities you trialed but gave up on after you struggled with them.  Are there any you wish you never stopped?  Well, today is as good a day as any to get started again.  Mistakes don’t equal failure! Mistakes = LEARNING.