Contemplation at Magnolia Gardens, Photograph by Carrie Brummer All Rights Reserved

What is it about transition that can get us out of sorts or out of our creative loop? I spent my entire summer in the states. I had grand visions of working on this artwork that’s been in my head for months but the only thing I touched all summer was my camera. I didn’t spend any time on that painting dying to be expressed. I decided it was okay to take a break because I couldn’t (still can’t) remember the last time I took time off from my painting and drawing. And I do believe taking some time away can allow for growth.

Now I’m back in Dubai. I’ve had two nights back in my apartment and while all I can think of is my desire to create, I haven’t started that painting yet. I worry about procrastination taking over. Yet, life can get in the way. (Try coming home to find all of your living room furniture covered in mold. Eeew. Bleach is my new friend.) Clearly, while art is something I live, drink, and breath, there are many priorities in our lives. How can we choose and arrange our priorities to align with life goals…? Anyone?…Anyone?

I have returned to Dubai with two consciously decided priorities: (1) my health; and (2) my art. For me, having two larger goals allows me to look at my schedule and every day decisions and consider them within this larger context. Am I prioritizing actions that support or hinder these goals? I have just returned from Dubai after nearly two months away. Cleaning my apartment, stocking it with food, and getting my oil changed are necessities. Now that two of the three are accomplished, I can start thinking about my art priority.

BE COURAGEOUSLY CREATIVE: Do you actively use priorities in your life to guide your everyday decisions? Do your priorities support larger goals or are they subconscious procrastination techniques? Write in that wonderful journal of yours your larger goals then list what you focus on each and every day for one week. Compare the goals to your actions. Are they aligned or is it time to re-prioritize?