This weekend I’m chaperoning students in a Fine Arts Festival. The goal is for students to experience a mini workshop, which is a loosely structured art-making experience. It is evident to me the two women who conducted this activity have spent an enormous amount of time creating this experience. I truly hope my students are finding the experience rewarding. It makes me think about the steps I take to generate creativity in my life. I wonder how many workshops exist for adult artists to conduct similar activities? I’ve heard of writers workshops but for visual arts I hear more about artist retreats. I wonder if an outside structure (a loose one) would help me think outside of my box and try new things? It ties to my recent interest in completing all of the IB Art assignments we give our students. I would like guided activities and a deadline, which is why I enjoy call to artists like the one at Tashkeel I plan to enter. I’ve selected a few photos from the weekend’s endeavor to share with you.

BE COURAGEOUSLY CREATIVE: Have any of you participated in an artist workshop? What did it entail? If you could design your own workshop what would it include?