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Many creatives vie for the opportunity to work for themselves. While I don’t offer much advice on how to cash in on your artist practice, I do offer content on being efficient, how to use your time, and what obstacles can get in the way of independent creative practice. This is why out of all of my articles published on Artist Strong, The Key to Surviving Creative Independence comes in at #5.

Personally, the piece of advice I struggle most with from that article is finding balance. Lots of people have started saying they hate the word. And I get it. The world balance and the way we’ve been using it suggests a right and wrong way to do things. It suggests we can aim for something that feels like it’s on a pedestal and that if we can’t reach this elusive balance something is wrong with us. That’s not how I want to use the word.

People hate the B word. Is finding balance elusive and impossible? (Click to Tweet)

Balance, by it’s very definition is about give and take. It’s about finding that point where you feel steady. Well, that point for me is constantly changing. And so should our definition of balance! Balance one week means painting more than working on Artist Strong. Other weeks it means playing board games with my husband and only writing blog posts. Each week it is different, but it is something I want to be asking of myself: what will make me feel level (balanced) today?

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