The Artist Strong Rewind

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Sometimes, we need a reminder, or evidence, that our desire to be creative is important. While our culture is slowly gaining acceptance of the need for creativity, there are still a lot of doubters out there. Yet, growing bodies of research suggest we have an innate need to be creative, that we are more creative than we think we are, and that art based activities like coloring can be a wonderful tool for stress release.

“We are more creative than we think. In fact, creativity is a choice.” (Click To Tweet) 

Sometimes it can feel like preaching to the choir, but the more we are equipped with research, evidence and articles that help us articulate our ideas, the better prepared we will be for those creative naysayers out there. We deserve to be creative. We NEED to be creative. And those naysayers? Well, those are some seriously blocked creatives!

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BE COURAGEOUSLY CREATIVE: This week’s Artist Strong Rewind is a bit of a lesson for me! You never know when an article is going to “catch fire” and spread. I wrote this one originally in October of 2014 but it wasn’t until November when Art Therapy Without Borders shared my article that it caught people’s attention. In three days the article had nearly 1,000 views and was shared over 200 times on Facebook. Be sure to click on their name and go “Like” their page on Facebook. They share pretty awesome content! 😉

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