This weekend I attended Art Dubai, which is one of the largest gatherings of galleries in the Middle East, showcasing artists around the world.  Each year I am surprised by the inclusion of some works but also impressed and inspired by others.  Today’s post highlights 2 artists of interest.   I was personally drawn to these works because of their choice in media.

Please note: All photographs of work will be noted as from artist sites, they are NOT my photographs and are being used ONLY to highlight the style or quality of these respective artists’ works. If I have accidentally used an image without proper permission please notify me and I will correct it immediately. Click on the images to go to the other sites.

Ran Hwang

Ran Hwang is a Korean artist with a most unique use of material.  Her medium?  Buttons, pins, and thread.  She creates amazing installations and “paintings” using only these materials.

She nails the colored buttons to a surface to create her works.

Works by Artist Ran Hwang from Escape Into Life

Want more?

Check out her website of previous installations or the gallery that represents her!

El Anatsui

El Anatsui is from Ghana and uses found garbage, such as bottle tops and cans, to construct large, draped works that glitter and shine like expensive bling from a distance but still clearly references garbage as you get closer.

Invitation to El Anatsui Exhibition

Want more?

Check out the gallery that represents him and this interview (we can only read some as we are not subscribers, well maybe you are!).

The more I look at artists the more I see that an innovative use of material OR twisting the use of an element or principle of art seem to drive these artists’ success. (At least, from a technical standpoint.)  I have my own idea some artists already use and am anxious to experiment.  Here’s hoping!

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BE COURAGEOUSLY CREATIVE: Consider your creative discipline.  How do leaders and innovators break the rules in your discipline?  Can you observe a pattern of choice or action that may help lead these individuals towards success?  What can you do with your work to help create the same prosperity?!