I have a great book I want to showcase to you today. It’s the perfect tool for people looking to loosen up and have some creative play. The book interviews artists and asks them to share one art based activity for readers to try. Today, I just randomly opened the book and selected one of the activities to showcase to you.

The book is called Creative Block: Get Unstuck, Discover New Ideas*. It is written and curated by Danielle Krysa of The Jealous Curator.

I highly recommend a book like this if you are seeking structured creative warm ups, are seeking to experiment with your artist style, or are generally looking to be more creative. The activities, like the one I’m about to describe to you today, are all meant to get you thinking creatively and doing the work, which is most important for your artist success.

I feel like this book is made for Artist Strong readers and myself. Each artist conducts an interview that touches upon their art and process and then shares an art play activity. It’s like Ms. Krysa can read my mind! I’ve discovered a kindred spirit. 🙂

Creative Block Activity on Artist Strong

This is the randomly selected page I worked from for today’s activity! The book is so pretty, inside and out 🙂

Creative Playtime from Creative Block

So, my random selection from the book landed upon an art activity offered by artist Trey Speegle. He instructs you to draw something in black and white and then photocopy it multiple times on cardstock. Then? Play. Use each and every photocopy you make and do something new on each and every one. See what happens.

Artist Strong Variation

If you don’t feel like drawing, you could easily find a creative commons artwork to print out multiple times. Or, there are loads of books now that offer royalty free images to play around with, why not give one of those a go?

I like this activity because it is yet another example I’ve come across that suggests artists who have restrictions and limitations seem to grow the most. I’ve observed this myself: when I have all the art supplies a girl could want, I actually spend too much time thinking about what to make rather than digging in and getting my paintbrushes dirty. Do you get bogged down with too many choices like me?

Feeling stuck? Sometimes restriction can actually generate creativity! Try this to activate your inner artist! (Click to Tweet)

BE COURAGEOUSLY CREATIVE: How have limitations or restrictions helped you reach those aha! moments we all covet as creatives?


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