Biladi Exhibition at Tashkeel – Invitation

Today after work I went to see an exhibition entitled, “Biladi.”  Biladi means “my home” or “my country” in Arabic.  Tashkeel, one of my favorite places in Dubai, is hosting the show through the end of this week.  If you live here, take advantage of this opportunity and GO.

Going to a place like Tashkeel, which offers so much to artists, students and contributes to the culture of Dubai, makes me think about the resources available to me.  Am I using all of my resources well?  Are you?

One of the things I miss most about living on Cape Cod was my wonderful public library.  If the library in town did not have the book I wanted, they sought it out and connected with all of the other Cape libraries to find it for me.  I read so many amazing books while I lived on the Cape!

The library at my job is actually hugely extensive and only this past year and a half (4 years of working at a place, jeez slow much?) have I actually been availing myself of its books.  Just today I took out 3 books on sculpture for the 3D class I am teaching and 2 books on digital photography for personal reference and use!  I feel like a kid in a candy store.  I feel like I am getting away with murder… why am I allowed to use all of these awesome things…for free!?

Connecting with other art teachers at my IB conference this past weekend made me also think about the largest resources available to everyone: other people!  The teachers I met shared knowledge and skill I don’t have, and vice versa.  Sitting together and having a chat about different teaching experiences and cultural differences created these “aha!” moments I immediately plan to put into my own teaching practice. (Teachers are quite known for our theft of other teachers’ ideas).  The experience has made me stop and wonder if I am neglecting other resources that could support my creative development?

BE COURAGEOUSLY CREATIVE: Make a list of the resources you use in your creative development.  Now make a list of organizations, institutions, people, technologies, etc. in your area.  Can any of them support your creative goals?  Incorporate a new “resource” into your strategy for success!