Abby Junge is a multidisciplinary artist currently living in Holland. This is her fourth installment in a four-part series as Artist Strong’s Artist in Residence.

You can view more of her art on Instagram @abbyjunge or visit her website at

Well, that went by really fast.

I am still working on the same piece I started when I started this residency and I had secretly hoped to have it finished by the time February comes to an end. But… I still have 3 more days.

I really wanted to have it finished to show you the most satisfying part of carving, the printing process. First, the sound the ink makes as you roll it out in preparation, I mean, that is seriously some good ASMR. Then, pulling the print, which is almost always is followed up by hopefully a squeal of joy (but sometimes a hmmppppf of disappointment).

I will ink up a piece, just to share it with you all. Make sure to turn your sound up.


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Notice that when I carve, I don’t think of color at all, and this is also one of the things I love about Lino printing.  I love color so much so that when  creating art I feel I get lost and overwhelmed with colors. When carving and printing I first concentrate on content and composition and only after that is done I can decide, and change my mind on, which color to print and on what color paper.

I will get back to carving all the tiny details and leave you to replay that amazing sound.


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A sincere thank you to Abby for sharing a glimpse into her work and process. I hope her willingness to show up after a big break and go all in on work she’s been thinking about for a while inspires you to show up and do the same. Thank you Abby for being part of Artist Strong <3 <3