Abby Junge is a multidiscipinary artist currently living in Holland. This is her first installment in a four-part series as Artist Strong’s Artist in Residence.

You can view more of her art on Instagram @abbyjunge or visit her website at


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Evidence 1.1

I was talking to a friend (who is not an artist)  about this residency that is coming up, and I shared all of the demons that come attached  with creating, and calling myself an artist.  she laughed and said she can’t believe what I’m saying since i  seem so sure of myself and loves my work. 

But I promise there are demons involved. i introduce to you evidence 1.1:This piece is called: “Why hello there, I’m Mr. Self Doubt. here, take my card” to which I always respond in my head: no thanks, keep it! And is one of the first things I made before I could actually call myself an artist.

Back to this specific journey, that starts after a long forced sabbatical.  I will start with my roll of no judgement (if you can think of a better name, I’m all ears)

My Roll of No Judgement is where I practice not just drawing, but also non-judgement. On the roll, no line is wrong. Once the ink hits the paper, that line is accepted and loved just like any other line.

I practice to allow myself mistakes, to forgive them and to let them go. I can only keep going forward, there is nothing for me to add if I go back.

So I began the first day of the residency and started by the easiest thing i could think of, and I drew on my roll. and got back into it, so to say, and after an hour of drawing I call myself out on this exercise of procrastination, and pushing away the inevitable. which is to start working.


So a long zig-zagged story short.  I said f it! lets just carve! that’s why I’m here. And the papaya was born.


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 I realize these are all very small steps I’m taking.  But that’s the way for me to go I guess. Just lingering on the edge of what’s uncomfortable. Today a papaya, and tomorrow … I don’t know, but we can find out together.

Every month, 1-3 artists show up in our Artist Strong community to share their artistic process, journey, explorations with us over the course of a month.

The goal is to normalize the MANY, VARIED experiences of being an artist.

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