How to get organized to make more art via @ArtistStrong

Do you want to be making, or cleaning up after weeks of ignoring your studio space? I think I know the answer to that!

If you don’t have time for your art, how can you possibly have time to get your art space organized?! But what if being organized would actually help you make more art?

There is such a stereotype around artists being disorganized and flaky. And yet, some of the most successful artists I know have clear systems and strategies of organization to give them more time to do what they do best: make art!

Here are 4 reasons an successful artist organizes:

(1) Know where your stuff is?!

We’ve all been here before. You are in flow. You feel the creative vibe and your painting is pouring of you until… you can’t find your favorite paintbrush. It’s that little liner one that gives you perfect edges and eyelashes. You look for the next 15 minutes amongst the clutter of your studio (your makeshift one in the dining room, or in the full studio space that was once a teenager den) and finally find it. You return to the painting and find “it’s” gone.

When you create a home for your materials you have more time for your art.

How to get organized to make more art via @ArtistStrong

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(2) Clean space = new slate = receptive mind

When you take time to clean and organize your creative space you not only physically get organized, you make psychic space for your art. There are countless times I’ve cleaned my studio only to have a breakthrough in my art: a new idea or a problem solved in a current work. Clean your space and make more mental space for your art.

It’s a sign of respect and self-care. Taking care of your creative space may also be a reflection of how you honor and give time to your creativity. Are you a messy artist because it’s just part of your process, or is it a reflection of your doubts about the importance of your work?

How to get organized to make more art via @ArtistStrong

Showing respect to your supplies and taking care of them can be part of how we save a few dollars on our never ending art expenses.

(3) Save money

Know what you have. I’m throwing my mom under the bus on this one (Love you Mom!). She has a gorgeous room for her art (she crochets primarily and yarn is her main supply) but it’s hard for her to know what kind of yarn she has and what colors because she has giant plastic bags of yarn scattered throughout her house. Sometimes I think she ends up buying the same colors!

Save yourself money by keeping organized and knowing what stock you have of art supplies: then you’ll only buy what you really need.

How to get organized to make more art via @ArtistStrong

This could be a system for some artists. Others may feel lost with piles of paint. Only you know whether you have a system that truly keeps you creating.

(4) Save time

If you have a clear system for storage, set up and breakdown there is less effort spent on those tasks. It means you’ll be more efficient and spend more time on your art. I have a gallon ziplock bag that holds the embroidery floss, fabric, hoop, scissors and needle for my current mandala project. I only have to grab the bag and open it to get started.

Let’s be clear here: an organized creative space does NOT have to mean pristine white tables wiped clean of paint and all of our art supplies hidden away in labeled cupboards. What it DOES mean is you are mindful about how you set up and maintain your creative workspace. Only you know if that pile of art supplies is organized mess or taking time away from your art.

Monks clean up before and after a practice: why not create a ritual that honors and celebrates your very desire to be creative?

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Be Creatively Courageous: What is one small task you could do today to help you be intentional about your space?

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