art therapy | art as therapy | creative self-care | art resources | art lessons | art educationI have a confession to make.

I’m a workaholic.

I love Artist Strong. I love the community we create here. And I’m always encouraging everyone to act on their creative dreams. It’s about the decision to do. But something I’m learning myself is: we only have so much fuel for our body, mind and spirit. We must take time to refuel.

This month I want to remind you to consider the many ways you can show yourself some love and care. So rather than sharing a specific art activity, I want to list 100 different ways you can slow down to practice mindfulness. Give yourself some of that emotional and mental space your body and mind need to be healthy, connected and happy.

Sometimes creativity is an act of self-care, sometimes it isn’t. Regardless, self-care is an integral part of honoring and supporting your creativity: don’t ever forget it.

  1. Bake cookies
  2. Watch a movie
  3. Play a boardgame
  4. Doodle
  5. Embroider/cross-stitch
  6. Knit

    100 Acts of Self-Care on Artist Strong

    Hiking is a great way to take care of your body and clear your mind.

  7. Play a video game
  8. Go for a walk
  9. Swim in the ocean
  10. Collect seashells
  11. Play with a puppy
  12. Swing on a swing
  13. Read a book
  14. Color
  15. Draw a Mandala
  16. Meditate
  17. Walk barefoot in sand
  18. Lay down on grass, looking at the clouds
  19. Picnic
  20. Go for a run
  21. Do Yoga
  22. Sign up for a wine and paint class
  23. Watch re-runs of your favorite TV Show
  24. Garden
  25. Cook a nice meal
  26. Curl up under blankets on your couch with a loved one
  27. Call your best friend

    100 Acts of Self-Care on Artist Strong

    Making a sand castle is tactile, playful and you get to listen to the ocean too.

  28. Go on impromptu city or weekend trip
  29. Get a massage
  30. Snuggle with your kitty
  31. Intuitive Paint
  32. Shoot at a target range
  33. Rock climb
  34. Camp
  35. Glamp
  36. Scrapbook
  37. Hike
  38. Crochet
  39. Build a pillow fort
  40. Play the piano
  41. Sing
  42. Dance party in your house
  43. Bike ride
  44. Kick boxing
  45. Figure drawing class
  46. Karaoke
  47. Journal
  48. Pray

    100 Acts of Self-Care on Artist Strong

    Yoga is a hugely useful tool to clear body, mind and spirit.

  49. Decorate a cake
  50. Attend a religious service
  51. Kayak
  52. Fishing
  53. Bowling
  54. Horseback riding
  55. Vision Board
  56. Write a letter (not an email) to someone you love
  57. Nap
  58. Acupuncture
  59. Pilates
  60. Laugh
  61. Crossword Puzzle
  62. Mad Libs
  63. Turn off your phone
  64. BBQ
  65. Play with a baby
  66. Card game
  67. Listen to the ocean
  68. Watch sun set
  69. Watch the sun rise

    100 Acts of Self-Care on Artist Strong

    The repetitive nature of knitting can be quite calming.

  70. Volleyball with friends
  71. Take an acrobatics/circus class
  72. Run an obstacle course
  73. Get your hair washed and styled
  74. Mani/pedi
  75. Quilt
  76. Art Journal
  77. Skype with loved one
  78. Create a bucket list
  79. Talk with a counselor
  80. Draw in a botanical garden
  81. Urban sketch
  82. Hug someone
  83. Kiss someone
  84. Take a bath
  85. Dance in the rain
  86. Build a snowman
  87. Build a sandcastle
  88. Volunteer
  89. Go to a nice restaurant

    100 Acts of Self-Care on Artist Strong

    For some, getting sweaty or doing activities that are a bit more high risk gets them reconnected.

  90. Hire someone to clean your home for a day
  91. Organize your art studio
  92. Breathe deeply
  93. Boat ride
  94. Tubing
  95. Smile
  96. Eat nourishing foods
  97. Cook your favorite childhood meal
  98. Skip rope
  99. Hula hoop
  100. Daydream

“Sometimes creativity is an act of self-care, sometimes it isn’t.” (Click to Tweet)

BE COURAGEOUSLY CREATIVE: Commit to an action of self-care today and tell me in the comments which activity best helps you take care of you.