I have a question. Do you have advice about how to title an artwork?

Hi, my name is Carrie Brummer and here on Artist Strong, I help creatives like you build your skill and develop your unique artist voice. Today I share 10 ways you can find a title for your art.

  1. What was your motivation? Your thoughts while creating it? Journal and see what comes to you.
  2. Write down words relating to the look or feel of the painting. See if any go together nicely.
  3. You can use numbers such as House #3.
  4. You can use the dominant color in your work for a title.
  5. Let the paintings tell you their names. (Most talk.)
  6. Pick something that stands out in the art work and call it something based on that until I find a title that fits.
  7. Keep a journal with snippets from songs, books or something you heard on tv. If you cannot come up with anything you can go there for inspiration.
  8. Ask friends for help.
  9. Look up words in a Thesaurus. Think of the mood, intention or subject and find words that relate to it. You might get lucky.
  10. Daydream while you try to fall asleep about names. Susan H. in our community joked: “Be sleepless in the early hours of morning will find you a title.”

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The world is wide open for titles! I even had a professor in university suggest we flip through poetry books to find snippets for inspiration.

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I have a question. Do you have advice about how to title an artwork? I polled a group of people in our community and here are some of the tips they had to share (and maybe a few of mine thrown in there, too)