Hello and welcome to your month-long art challenge called #ArtistStrong. My name is Carrie Brummer and I help artists like you refine your skill and develop your unique artist voice. And you’ve just signed up to Be #ArtistStrong!

The challenge begins on the first of the month. If you’ve signed up early, I have a few resources to get you started and thinking about the goal you hope to set for yourself during these next few weeks. But don’t worry if you start the challenge after the 1st either, we have a month together to set goals and reach for them, where ever we are with our art. (I’ve seen people who join “late” enjoy huge ahas and wins for themselves by showing up!)

You decide what’s best for you: 15 minutes a day, 2 hours a week. Set the goal and stick to it. Enjoy daily email prompts to get you sharing and thinking and most importantly CREATING! Do it alongside other artists who can share in the joy of celebrating and prioritizing your creativity.

The first thing I want you to think about is the following: what IS a sustainable goal for yourself for these next four weeks? I have a few examples students used in previous years:


Yasmin decided to go back through her pile of unfinished art and finish them.

Roberta decided to commit to 15 minutes of artist practice a day.

Other artists decided to do a series of small artworks, to explore new materials, and others decided to study and plan to create their first series of artwork!


I keep it open ended because our goals and definitions of success are different and I want you to get the results that really speak to the hopes you have whispered in your heart.

I’ve included some resources below this video to get you started, as well as a button for you to request access to the community space (NOT on FB anymore) in which I host this activity. The community space is ONLY open for the month of the challenge. 

You can also, however, participate on Instagram by using the hashtag #ArtistStrong. If social media isn’t your thing don’t worry: you can still enjoy a daily email to get you making and thinking. I’ll be in your inbox to cheer you on.

Keep your eyes peeled for the first email for you on the 1st! I look forward to learning more about you and your art.

Additional Resources:

How to be a successful artist

How to measure success

How can grit help artists?

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