Being an artist can feel lonely.

The act of creation is usually solitary. And even when we can ask for feedback, we often hear crickets. Too often we wonder: does this silence reflect the quality of my art?

What if you could be part of a sisterhood of artists,

a critique setting that offers meaningful feedback and support,

which includes the bellyaching laughs of good friends sharing triumphs and failures?

Welcome to The Circle

The Circle is a community of artists answering, on their own terms, what it means to be successful. You deserve to meet your own artistic goals and dreams, not the Instagram curated version of your peers.

In this 6 month mastermind, you develop strategies to go for your goals and act on them. You can be an artist seeking to develop your unique style and a portfolio so you can finally build that website.

Or maybe you are an artist who has the portfolio and style and is finally ready to start promoting your work. The Circle includes all of my best insider tips on goal-setting, portfolio building, group accountability and community Q&As to help get you there.

It’s time, you’ve realized, to be in an environment with other artists who don’t see you as competition, but who want to raise you up. We can succeed together.

The Circle’s support, high quality feedback, and friendships have created an environment where personal and professional growth flourishes. You’ve finally found a space where you not only feel amazed by the work of your peers, you discover, refine and celebrate your unique artist voice and feel confident to share your work with others.

When I joined The Circle, I had been following Artist Strong for quite a while, attending the workshops and reading the blog; I liked Carrie’s style of teaching. So when Carrie talked about The Circle during a workshop, I jumped at the chance. I was at a point in my art career where I knew something needed to change, but not quite what.

Since I joined The Circle, I’ve gained a lot of clarity into what my strengths are, and where I want to take my art. I’ve also learned a lot about running an art business, both from Carrie and the other members. The feedback and support in The Circle has been awesome, and I would recommend joining to anyone.

Linda Ursin

Strange Bird


Award Winning Artwork by Carrie Brummer, exhibited at the Smithsonian

Maybe you feel like a beginner, and calling yourself an artist is relatively new. You still aren’t sure about your style or creative voice. You want some guidance, encouragement, and opportunity for reflection all from someone who has been there before you. And you know creative community will help you get there. 


I have degrees in both art and art history and education from top universities in the United States. I’ve also taught art for over 13 years now, helping students of all ages (both inside and outside of schools) find and refine their unique artist voice.


My experience as an IB Visual Arts examiner (IBO) and IB Art teacher have fostered in me a deep desire to help all artists achieve their aspirations in creativity.



The Circle focuses on getting organized and building a consistent artist practice, so you can create a portfolio full of your distinctive voice.

I offer support on how to keep track of all the art you create and suggest systems to get you less worried about organizing and more time focused on making art!

The Circle members all have access to a FB group, which acts like your classroom. Additionally, once a month you have a live Q&A to discuss problems, ask questions, and get feedback on your art.

Perhaps you have a portfolio, a website, and you want to start sharing your work but don’t quite know where to begin. You’d like templates, and advice on how to develop a promotional strategy that speaks from your heART. You want to hear from someone who has already shown in galleries how it works. And you are interested in using platforms like Patreon to cover your art expenses or even build a consistent source of income.


Do you want to exhibit your art? The Circle can help you take steps towards your goals.


The Circle GOLD Membership Includes the foundation content of the program, paired with workshops on how to share the story of your art. We create a plan of 7 days of social media and discuss finding key words that help you connect with your artist community. The Circle Gold includes an additional Q&A once a month only for Gold Members.

In the beginning, I knew exactly how I defined artistic success: I wanted to have my art in galleries. But once that happened, and I placed in a competition that exhibited my work at both the Smithsonian and the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts, I felt lost. I did it. Now what?

It took me years to find direction again. The entire time I even missed the forced, awkward critique of my university experience. I wanted structure, friendship, accountability and the freedom and space to explore new ideas. I was tired of doing it alone.

Moving overseas to the Middle East and away from my home country (and living there for 9 years!) made the notion of community even more important to me. Where could I find my people and really have the best artists alongside me, seeking out their own unique artist goals and dreams?

Artists Getting Organized (For ALL Members) –

Example of some of the resources available to you in The Circle

Example of some of the resources available to you in The Circle

This content is all about getting organized and making more time to make art:

  • Creating your art inventory using Google Drive
  • Google Calendar, Asana and Ivy Lee
  • Certificate of Authenticity and Title

Mining for Creativity (for ALL Members)

This content is all about sure-fire ways to get out of a creative rut. There’s nothing worse for an artist than a dried up creative well. With my favorite tools and approaches you’ll have a host of creativity boosting methods that will keep you in your creative flow and discover an endless fountain of inspiration. This includes:

  • Interview David B. Goldstein: MBTI Typing
  • How to Discover Your Inner Child
  • Mapping Your Artist Family Tree
  • Interview with Lora Frost: Intuitive Art
  • Interview Lisa Robbin Young: Sell Art – Not Your Soul

Tell Your Art’s Story (For GOLD Members)

Part of a workbook for one of the resources in The Circle

Part of a workbook for one of the resources in The Circle

Sometimes it can be hard to put words to your own art’s story but without expressing your art story, you risk never really connecting with your potential customers and fans. That’s why I’ll show you how to articulate your art’s story and how to engage fans and customers through social media. We’ll even get down to the nitty-gritty of key words as a tool for connection and ideas for story telling. This includes:

  • Telling Your Art’s Story
  • 7 Days of Social Media
  • Finding the Right Words (key words and using words from your community to develop meaningful relationships)

Bonus for GOLD members: A special workshop on how I find art competitions, decide on which ones to enter, and how I’ve discovered and applied to open calls to show my art in galleries.

Other benefits include:

Coffee Calls

1-2 times a month enjoy a community only Q&A call (recorded) for you to ask your specific questions about your art, your style, your strategy, and your goals.

Tailored Support

The Circle content is always growing and is refined as we all grow. Group feedback and problems guide future content creation, which is included in your private membership website: so even though it’s a group program, there are lots of opportunities for the materials to be tailored to exactly what you need.


Private FB Group with daily prompts to get you focused, action oriented, and connecting with your sisterhood of artists. Because it’s together we grow.

I have learned a lot, have so much fun, and really appreciate the guidance Carrie has given me to find my niche, clients, and place in the art world. It is indeed a special experience to be a part of The Circle.

Cheryl Erickson

Cheryl's Workshop

This only happens once a year: sign up now to join The Circle. Find community, accountability, resources and level up in The Circle.

Are you ready to take your art to the next level?

The Circle is built for people willing to work hard and truly commit to their art. If you want to create a solid portfolio to begin to promote and celebrate your art, this is the community for you. If you want to feel confident in promoting your art and have clear strategies for sharing your art with the world, The Circle is for you.

It’s for artists who want accountability, mutual support, and encouragement. You’ll get as much as you put into it.

This is NOT a get rich quick scheme.

You will create realistic goals for your art and develop strategies to achieve them.
The Circle is about you deciding how you want to share your art with the world and building a map to get there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay in installments?
Yes, you can pay for your 6 month mastermind monthly. When you sign up, you do commit to payment for the entire 6 month program. If you miss a monthly payment, you can lose access to the content offered in the program until you make your next payment.

What if I change my mind?
If after 45 days you’ve given The Circle your all and aren’t satisfied you can receive a full refund. Once you demonstrate evidence of your labor of all content discussed and covered up to that date (Mar 5, 2018) I am happy to return your investment. I want you to grow and learn and discover. If you don’t feel The Circle is right for you let us part ways with peace and respect.

How do I know The Circle is for me?
If you are committed to upleveling your art, you will commit time and effort to your art and your goals. You have 6 months of guided support to get you there. But in the end, The Circle will only be as good as the effort you put into it. Be ready to focus on making art, talking about art and sharing art. If you are struggling financially and it is difficult to pay your bills I recommend you wait to invest in this program.

Do I need to use the FB Group?
You are under no obligation to participate in the FB Group, but it does act as a classroom where you can develop relationships with other artists and get feedback on your art.

Where do I find all of the lessons?
All workshop content is included in a membership site. You will receive a link to the site with a unique username and password to watch and download your tutorials.

I’m not entirely confident of calling myself an artist yet, is The Circle still good for me?
Yes! My experience in teaching was working specifically with many students who had little art experience but by the end of their time with me began to see and develop a unique artist style. If you want to develop your art and be able to discover your style to build a portfolio, The Circle is a great place to begin.

Having found the Soul Brush Sessions with Artist Strong to be inspiring and supportive, it was natural for me to join Artist Strong’s The Circle in its inaugural launch. I knew from experience that Carrie would be supportive of artists like myself who were ready to move forward and grow their art business.

She has made it her mission to help artists, who had aspirations beyond the current stage of their development, get from here to there. Joining The Circle was the best thing I could do for myself as an artist in 2016. She has shared her knowledge, but more so, she has helped me to grow, to embrace new experiences, to see that it’s okay to ask for help when you truly need it and that giving others the opportunity to be encouraging can be a blessing in itself.

Lynn Radford

Piney Creek Acres Curiosities

True community isn’t just a group of people with common cause,

it’s a sisterhood that lifts you up. Join The Circle today.