You know creative play is important and fun because you’ve been reading Artist Strong. 🙂 It’s still scary as all hell to follow through on your creative hopes, dreams and interests. How can you set yourself up for creative success? Follow these 4 rules for creative risk-taking:

1) Don’t Think. Act.

We spend so much time worrying IF something is a “good fit” for us we could have spent that energy trying it on for size. (Not to mention then learning from it!) ACT on your desire to be creative. Paint. Doodle. Write. Don’t think. Do.

2) Make Time.

If you don’t make physical or temporal space for your creative playtime, how can you expect yourself to ACT on your creative inkling? Review your calendar and carve out time each week for an entire month. See how it goes. Review. Amend. Repeat.

3) Withhold Judgement.

Taking a risk means a) we are outside our comfort zone, and b) whatever we are doing is new to us. No one is an expert after their first attempt. As soon as you hear that evil little voice in your head DISTRACT yourself. Do a short meditation. Go for a walk. Whatever. Just don’t let judgement hold you back from your new experience.

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The 4 Rules of Creative Risk-Takers

Take the leap. It feels good. And you deserve it!

4) Reward Yourself.

It’s HARD to try something new. You need to reward yourself for acting on your creative interests. Food works for me. Maybe reading a frivolous book works for you. Take your friends out to dinner to celebrate. You deserve it!

There is risk-taking and then there is risk-taking. I’m not actually encouraging you to quit your job while with zero savings, to bungee jump, or to change careers. What I am saying is if you aren’t willing to take the creative leap and act on your (sometimes secret) creative desires, I can’t imagine you taking risks in your personal (did you ask that cute waitress for her number?) or professional (apply for the new opening in your company, you know you want that job) life.

BE COURAGEOUSLY CREATIVE: Be bold! Tell me below about your creative risk-taking. What creative risk do you take (or plan to) in your life?