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Is Art a Skill or a Talent?

“A few weeks ago at work I had a conversation with a colleague I’ve had more than once in my life. Someone with limited to no art education started a conversation with me about skill versus talent. It ultimately led to the same larger question many people ask me “my opinion on:” Is art a skill or a talent?”

8 Steps to Owning Your Creativity 

“Today’s post is about all of the rules I believe are important to creative practice. I suggest you speak the parts in bold out loud or read them every day to help you keep your focus and your energy in a place that sustains creative practice.”

The Subconscious Saboteurs: How to Protect your Creative Goals 

“People who fully believe they have your best intentions at heart can give you advice about something they know nothing about and/or communicate unconscious messages in their misguided attempts to support you.” 

How to Raise Your Creative Bar

“Ask yourself: are your friends helping you grow or holding you back from your creative dreams? Are you surrounding yourself with creatives who raise your level of creative standard?”

5 Steps to Find Like-Minded Creatives

“Us creatives can be such hermits: we get so caught up in our artwork that we forget how to reach out and find these other like-minded artists. I’ve offered some ideas on building your own community already, so today let’s talk about what you should look for in your creative accountability community.”