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I speak to artists and creatives about overcoming perfectionism, harnessing their intuition in their creative process, strategies for building their skill and developing their unique artist voice.

I also talk about the 4 artist archetypes I’ve uncovered in my community and how artist archetypes can inform artistic practice.

Topics and examples of both podcasts and written features include:

Beating Perfectionism AND Growing a Community – Creative Life Podcast

The Art of Imperfection: a Story of Diving in

3 Huge Roadblocks to Finding Your Artistic Style (And How to Overcome Them)

The Not-Starving Artist Podcast – How a dangerous health experience helped me find my voice

A bit about me

HowtobeanartistThe community

I am an artist and art educator who helps artists refine their skill and develop their unique artist voice. I do this within my community of several thousand called Artist Strong, a website averaging over 500 visits a day.

My own art is influenced by living outside of the US for nearly 10 years, living in places like Dubai, UAE, Muscat, Oman and now Ottawa, Canada. I enjoy portraiture of women, painting mandalas, and textile work.

The art

In my early 20s I was part of a touring exhibition of artists whose work was exhibited at both The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts as well as The Smithsonian. My work has been exhibited across the US and Canada as well as in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and in Muscat, Oman.

I’m currently working on a series called Anonymous Women. This mixed media artwork is inspired by portraits of women cabbies from the 1940s. I work in acrylic and other materials such as gold leaf and embroidery.

I choose actual gold leaf as a way to literally speak of their value and worth. Embroidery is another way to give these women time. It’s a means to honor them and speak to the irony of being documented by a photographer but not worthy enough of documenting their names.

I work with traditionally decorative or ”female” materials as another means to celebrate these unknown, unsung women.

One of these works was recently selected as a finalist in a North American-wide competition and exhibited at Phi Gallery in Montreal.

The education

I studied Art and Art History at Colgate University as well as completed a masters in Educational Leadership with The George Washington University. I’ve taught art to all ages, from elementary school through to adulthood.

I’m currently an examiner for the International Baccalaureate Organization and I’ve been a juror for art exhibitions in Canada.

The why

Before my work was exhibited, I didn’t think my work was important or valuable (or even really “art”) until I had a gallery showing. These negative misconceptions are part of what motivates me to serve other artists today. Our world is better when we all celebrate and embrace our desire to be creative.

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