Get a taste of who and what our Circle Community looks like…

Katharina organized her first solo art exhibition…

The Circle helped me to grow as an artist. Not only did I find out more about my art and about my personality, I also gained a lot self-confidence to call myself artist! It´s amazing how tools like the artist family tree informs my art.

All the exercises are helpful and insightful.  I very much appreciate the tools that help me to organize as an artist. I would like to promote my work to an audience and The Circle shows great ways how to do so. I am now organizing my first exhibition and I am really happy to do so 🙂

Enjoy the lovely whimsical drawings and paintings of Katharina Andrea here.

Lynn gained more confidence to take risks and loved The Circle so much she joined again…

For me, the accountability factor was huge. Putting my hopes, aspirations and goals for my art out there (in The Circle community) continues to be a valuable tool. The support I’ve received has been more than I could’ve hoped for. Now that I know the difference it makes in my productivity, in my taking chances and seeking out opportunities, I don’t think I can function without it. That might be why I hope to join again for a third time!

The ability to ask questions in the monthly Q&A sessions has also been important as I am stepping out and trying new things. I find that insomuch as I am creative, I am technologically disadvantaged and lack the knowledge to make things work on the business end without assistance. Sometimes just getting feedback, or having a question answered will propel me forward, inching me ever closer to success.

Enjoy the wonderful mixed media art of 2-time Circle member Lynn Radford here.

Cathleen learned how to make art her top priority…

Being a member of The Circle Community offered a safe and secure environment to share my art and designs with like minded artists who provided encouragement and feedback.  The ‘embrace’ of The Circle invited me to “show up everyday” for my art.

I developed a discipline and a routine that enabled me to not only make room for art in my life, but to make art in my life a priority.  Carrie outlines a process and provides tools that enable you to move forward with your art, whatever your goals may be.

Learn more about 2 time Circle member Cathleen Nardi and her textile art quillos of Quiloha here.

Kirsten increased her clarity and commitment to her art…

They say experience is not the best teacher, other people’s experience is the best teacher! I knew you had street cred, that you had already been to the places and done the things I sought. You’ve built up a phenomenal community of incredibly talented and diverse artists.

I knew through your free offerings the clarity of your teaching and the generosity of your spirit. You over deliver on your promises and are completely dedicated to your people. I wanted to buckle down and get serious about creating, whatever that might look like, and it was clear you were a great fit to help me in whatever direction that might lead.

Learn more about 2 time Circle member Kirsten Lee and her wonderful painting and photography here.

Judith uncovered lessons she will apply for years to come…

Being part of the Circle was a positive experience although I am still processing everything I learnt. It was packed full of great advice which I think I will continue implementing for many years to come. It was also enormously supportive.

Discover the playful, colorful painting and relief work by Judith Farr here.

Roberta found time (and her voice) while working a day job…

The start of the breakthrough was the “Family Tree”.  I had no idea why I loved the artist I loved and why they inspired me and who inspired them and on and on. This started the opening of the door, but when the topic of just do SOMETHING for 15 minutes a day emerged, it changed my entire life and my existence as an artist and person.

This is such a profound and attainable concept. Anyone and everyone has 15 min!!!! Many of us have day jobs, myself included and then our other responsibilities. Finding the time to “go into” the studio seems so daunting.

Carrie introduced this amazing tool, “what if you could just do something for 15 minutes a day?” Really! My work is prolific, I have entered into areas of my creative mind I never knew existed. Carrie has even nurtured the GRAND ideas I have and I can continue with them “even if it’s just for 15 mins a day.”

2 time Circle Member Roberta Mockus has powerful drawings and mixed media paintings you can view here.

Jennifer got the accountability she needed to create her art…

2018 I joined The Circle in an effort to create art more regularly. My two young children and writing work also need my time and focus, so if I’m not disciplined about making art, I don’t make as much of it as I’d like. The Circle helped me get into the habit of making art every day — and also helped me stretch my skill by tackling new subjects and practicing fundamentals. The Circle community encouraged me to share work in progress as well, and their input helped me improve.

Enjoy the beautiful nature inspired paintings of Jennifer Keeney-Bleeg here.

Rural living Linda found art community…

I had been struggling to find my way in the art marketing jungle and missing the support and community of a group. When you introduced The Circle, I just had to join. It helped a lot and it was fun to be part of it. I just wish I had been able to stay.

Discover the magical and myth influenced art by Linda Ursin here.

Becky realized the joy of true, meaningful connection and support…

It was you, Carrie, and the community you started with that. I found you (and them) to be so loving, easy, forgiving, accepting and vulnerable.

Enjoy the beautiful pastel and acrylic paintings of Becky J Chappell here.

You too can enjoy accountability, meaningful connections, support, and realize your art goals as part of The Circle community.