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Creator Profile: Gabriela Warrior Renaud

Today in our series How to Be an Artist, our Creator Profile features documentary filmmaker Gabriela (Gaby) Warrior Renaud. She’s currently working on a full-length documentary called Hyphen, all about the experience of being mixed race in Canada. In this...

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Does a grid help or hurt your finished art?

The grid method is a strategy employed by artists to help them create stronger compositions, and capture realistic scenes on their paper or canvas. Some people call it cheating. Some don’t. Hi my name is Carrie and here on Artist Strong I help artists like you build...

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Is there a right way to store your paints?

Hi my name is Carrie Brummer and here on Artist Strong I help artists like you build your skill and develop your unique artist voice. Today we’ve got another question from our community. Donna asks, “I have a question to ask which is sure to be addressed somewhere on...

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Ideas List for Visual Artists

Do you ever struggle to come up with new ideas for your art?   Hi my name is Carrie Brummer and I created Artist Strong to help people like you build your skill and develop your unique artist voice. Today I want to give you something in the spirit of community,...

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What is your Artist Archetype?

This past year I’ve received overwhelming feedback that it’s hard (or sometimes confusing) to access the many resources Artist Strong has to offer. (I also constantly hear from mentors and people inside the group I have A LOT of free things going on for people.) It...

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How to Be an Artist: Caryn Beaty

Caryn attended Massachusetts College of Art and Design where she received her BFA in Art Education, and has a Master’s Degree in Art Education from Boston University. She spent several  years as an Art Teacher in Newton, Massachusetts and on the island of Nantucket...

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How to find more time for your art

​A great question came into my FB feed via a colleague and friend. She shared she was struggling with finding time to make her art. She was either too tired, or felt like she had no time. Have you ever felt this way? I know I have!   Hi my name is Carrie Brummer...

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How to Be an Artist: Anona Kosmack

  Anona Kosmack is the heart and lead creator of Art Fueled Living.  She believes that your best life is full of self-expression, color, community and connection. Anona enriches the lives of those she works with by connecting them to their creative compass. Her...

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How to Be an Artist: Nikki Braun

Nikki Braun is a watercolor artist who was born and raised in Pennsylvania and currently lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba with her husband and 3 kids. She has a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Designer and has spent the last 24 years in this field.   There are two things...

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