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How to Be an Artist: Jennifer Keeney-Bleeg

JK Bleeg is an artist and freelance writer who enjoys studying simple pleasures — a pot of tea on a chilly day, a bouquet of tulips just opening up, a perfectly ripe peach, a summer meadow — and capturing their beauty on canvas.   Colour, light and shape inspire...

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How to Find Art Inspiration

  The lovely video I’ve included below mine by Savannah College of Art and Design alumnus Bang-yao Liu describes a process many of us go through. Who hasn’t had a block or lack of inspiration?   Hi, my name is Carrie and here on Artist Strong I help artists...

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How to Be an Artist: Sandra Busby and Tara Roskell

Sandra Busby is a still life artist, who is most recognised for her paintings of glass and other reflective objects. She describes herself as a ‘late bloomer’ as she was in her mid 30’s before she began taking her art seriously. Since then her work has been published...

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Mary Jameson of Saltwater Studio

Mary Chatowsky Jameson is the owner of Saltwater Studio in Newport, Rhode Island. She is an artist who explores the marine environment for inspiration in her artwork. Her Marine Botanical pressings and collages are created from seaweed and organic elements collected...

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4 Ways Artists Can Achieve More

Creatives have a historical reputation of not following through on commitments, or of being flaky. I don’t believe in this stereotype because I’m an artist and the opposite of those things. But I wonder: what if this stereotype developed because in our culture we...

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How to be an Artist: Michel Dumont

Michel Dumont is a queer Metis two spirited artist. He currently resides in Thunder Bay. He  enjoys breathing new life into discarded vintage tile by making mosaic faux taxidermy. He also works in wearable art, using packing tape, mylar, cellophane and LED lights....

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7 Steps to a Stronger Composition

A strong composition is an important part of a successful artwork. Composition is an art term that describes how an artist fills space in their artwork. An artist creates a composition using the elements and principles of art.   Hi my name is Carrie and here on...

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How to Be an Artist: Le’Ana Asher

Le’Ana is an artist, mother of two, and an entrepreneur. She received her BFA in drawing, photography, and painting from Eastern Michigan University in 1999. She spent the next five years attracting collectors, entering shows and building a budding business. In 2004...

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Two Ways to Find Good Art Ideas

Do you get your best ideas in the shower? What about on walks or in nature? Hi, my name is Carrie and here on Artist Strong I help artists like you build your skill and develop your unique artist voice. Today we dig into two strategies from the book The Happiness...

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