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ART Challenge time! Create a unique artwork in 10 days. Instead of copying other people’s art, why not create your own? Use these daily strategies to help you devise your own process of working from photo reference. Find your unique artist voice – sign up today.

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Do you feel stuck when it comes to art? Do you miss creating, have no new ideas, or are just nervous and new to starting? In this free 10 day challenge you will be offered pep talks AND daily art play activities to get you creating again. We all deserve it. Click on the button below to get stARTed!

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Join me for a 4 part video series and webinar workshop where we explore:

  • The benefits of working in altered books
  • How to choose the right book
  • The techniques you should use to prepare your book for making art
  • 3 Ways you can prepare the backgrounds of your pages and get making!

How to choose and prepare your altered book

Enjoy 10 free coloring book pages and 10 days of creative coloring prompts.

Coloring is a great activity that helps you disconnect, slow down, and be present in your life. If you are seeking some stress relief, family bonding activities, or creative playtime this is the challenge for you!

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Uncover the simple formula that can help you improve your drawing skills in this free 7 day challenge called Drawing Drills.

Draw Faster and Confidently. Improve the quality of ALL of your art!

There is a formula to improve your drawing skills...but are you using it?

My introductory self portrait for altered books class. last time i ran the course i investigated humor through romance novels. this time i want to do something for my father. a year ago i was in india having the time of my life at a yoga festival. wh

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uncover the research based strategies that experts in every field use to improve their skill.

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