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Your ability to explore materials and play – give yourself a break when you need it
Your inner artist who guides you to make the best decisions for your art
Motivation to keep going, especially when you feel challenged or stretched


Systems that will help you identify skill gaps and create practice opportunities to fill them
What practice should look like for you to build the skills you feel you are missing
How to break down large goals into small, bite sized steps to keep you motivated and achieving

Resources for the Skill Seeker



Uncover the simple formula that can help you improve your drawing skills in this free 7 day challenge called Drawing Drills.

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Download 10 Drawing Truths: A Guide to Better Drawing and uncover

  • What constitutes “cheating,”
  • Which two techniques are most valuable to artists,
  • How to develop a system of practice to improve your skill,
  • And more…

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These archetypes are not black and white, instead they exist more on a continuum. This means we can jump around between archetypes or sometimes straddle two of them. Curious about the others? You can learn more about the remaining archetypes by clicking on the related image below.

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