Continue to Foster

Your enthusiasm and willingness to explore materials
Multiple projects going on in multiple materials because you don’t like being bored
You inner child – give yourself that permission to play


Some explorers remain explorers as a way to avoid developing skill (because what if I can’t get better)
Strategies to help you follow through and finish some of your projects
The value of feedback in helping you hone and refine your unique voice

Resources for the Many Media Explorer



ART Challenge time! Create a unique artwork in 10 days. Instead of copying other people’s art, why not create your own? Use these daily strategies to help you devise your own process of working from photo reference. Find your unique artist voice – sign up today.

Create an Artwork in 10 days

These archetypes are not black and white, instead they exist more on a continuum. This means we can jump around between archetypes or sometimes straddle two of them. Curious about the others? You can learn more about the remaining archetypes by clicking on the related image below.

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