Continue to Foster

Your deep desire to serve others and perhaps use your art as a tool to do so
Your unique voice → it’s always evolving so enjoy and embrace your artist investigations into that voice
Relationships with other artists who can be of mutual support through feedback and experience


The value of building community around your art to connect with buyers AND serve
The subject of your art doesn’t have to be about politics or social justice → instead ask yourself how else your art can be used as a tool for good?
Thriving artists who inspire you → what strategies do they employ to lead the life you admire?
Please note: I think sometimes people assume being socially conscious means you have to be a social activist. I don’t believe that’s true at all. I mean that you feel a greater purpose outside of yourself to share and make your art.

Sometimes people feel like they “should” have to do something tied to social justice as well, or something, to make their art more important. This is all completely false, but some of the mindsets I see Activated Artists navigating as well.

Resources for the Activated Artist


These archetypes are not black and white, instead they exist more on a continuum. This means we can jump around between archetypes or sometimes straddle two of them. Curious about the others? You can learn more about the remaining archetypes by clicking on the related image below.

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