How to draw portraits for beginners

Discover how to draw realistic faces:

5 steps to capturing likeness in your portraits

Confidently draw portraits 

of people you can recognize

In this Guide, you’ll uncover:


An easy but overlooked

technique that sets up ALL the artwork you create for success


Which element of art

is most important for putting realism in your portraits (hint: it’s not line)


Why anatomy is important

and access a free curated list of resources to help you make more skillful portraits


How hard and soft edges

can transform your portrait from pretty good to popping off the page impressive


Which portrait

perspective is ideal to kickstart your practice and confidence

Student Work

If you’ve ever felt discouraged, or like you aren’t making progress with drawing faces, you aren’t alone. And it has nothing to do with the pencils you’ve used.

I’ve faced an inner critic that whispered, “maybe faces aren’t my thing.” 

You, too?

Hi, my name is Carrie and I’m an artist and art educator.

I’m determined to help as many people as possible show up for their art interest, because our world is better for it.

If you’ve ever felt like gaps in your learning are holding you back from making your best art, I’m here to help.

Two decades of teaching and thousands of students later, let’s get you where you want to be with your art.

What Others Say

I have been fighting working on my drawing for years. It is a skill I did not develop. But this has been a wonderful experience.


Hello my Coach ♥️ Thank you for all your encouraging and helpful feedback. Thank you so much. You are an incredible art coach.

Jananee Dhalapathy

That’s really great next steps. The eyes in 3/4 have consistently been hard and it gives me something concrete to work on.