See Like an Artist:

5 Ways Drawing Improves Your Art

Draw confidently from life, from image reference, and from your imagination

This Workshop is a MUST ATTEND if…

  You wonder if your skill level holds you back from making your best art

  You want to train your eyes to see like an artist

  You want to be confident in your skill before you explore style

  You worry what your loved ones will say when they see your work

Inside this Workshop, Learn to…

Proudly share your art with friends and family

Discover exactly how skill creates endless opportunities for your art

Successfully create art from your imagination

Finally get your marks where you want them go

Stop worrying what people think about your art

Unlock the artist you’ve hidden away (from yourself and the world)

What Others Are Saying

I created Artist Strong to fight the systems and norms that hold us back from making our best art.

As artists we are told:

  • “It costs too much.”
  • “What are you going to DO with it, anyway?”
  • “You’re not good enough.”

We deserve to make time, invest money and create space for our art because we enjoy making art. 

Two degrees, dozens of courses, and thousands of students later, I’m determined to reach even more creatives and help them develop the art practice they’ve always imagined.

This brand new workshop covers how we learn, which kinds of practice will help us put to canvas and paper the things we imagine, and ultimately, the potential of drawing to improve ALL of our art,

If you’re committed to making 2024 the year you finally step up your art game, I can’t wait to get you there faster.

Choose the time that works best for you >>

Let’s do this.

Together, we are Artist Strong.


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