COLOR with confidence

Confidently, intuitively use color to create stronger art in 7 days (without struggling to put colors together, wondering how to apply color theory, or being scared of color)


Are you an artist who struggles to put colors together?


Who understands color theory but never connects it to your current creations?


Who seeks to understand and apply the strategies artists across history have used?

If you’re an artist who struggles to put color together,

who wants to confidently understand and apply the strategies artist masters have used to create strong art,

then you already know just looking at a color chart on a wall doesn’t cut it.

It’s about theory AND application, making time to reflect and understand our use of color so it becomes second nature

Here’s what you might NOT know…

Less is More

Some artists historically only used 4 colors in their entire painting, like the famous Zorn palette.

This course isn’t going to dictate how many colors you choose, or even what colors you should choose, but it does help you simplify to amplify your colors on your canvas.

Find Easy Color Harmony When you Choose a Palette

It can be overwhelming or scary to choose colors for our painting. And all of a sudden, colors that looked great separately, paired together:

Just. Don’t. Work.

Achieve color harmony in all of your work, and use warm and cool colors to communicate space and mood.

Choosing a Color Palette Creates More Freedom

Afraid somehow that you won’t be able to create from a feeling of openness and spontaneity?

Exploring and fully understanding your colors will actually help you operate more from your intuition without second guessing that inner artist nudging you along.

Of course, it feels like taking the time to figure this all out means:

less time in the studio,

and less time making art.

Looking at that silly school poster of a color wheel doesn’t seem to mean much of anything.

But here’s the thing, NOT spending the time studying and applying new learnings about color can cripple your artist practice.

Instead of finishing or making more art, you get caught up in trying to layer colors without them getting muddy,

figuring out why when you add black to a color it makes green,

and digging through tubes of paint to see if a different color might get you the effect you seek.


you can create your own color palette that helps you confidently create harmonious art


you can begin to explore and test different colors palettes in different media to suit your artistic curiosity and various needs as a creative


you won’t have to plan or think about color choices so much that you lose interest in the idea or work


intuitively make color choices that communicate not only your message but feel easy and good.

The 4 Reasons Artists STRUGGLE WITH COLOR


The TIME it will take to study color palettes

It feels like it will take so much time away from our easel to study color theory and make color charts that we won’t have time to make art.

But you don’t need a color chart for every single artwork you create.

In fact, you might make one and stick to it forever! You get to choose how far down the theory rabbit hole you fall/dig.


Know how to read a color wheel, but how to really use it?

You know the basics, things like primaries, secondaries,

how to mix brown even,

but how does that silly color wheel poster actually help your art when you aren’t using the same kind of red or blue that’s on that wheel? 

Even thinking about it feels baffling and boring, so why bother.


Using ALL of your paints straight out of the tube without understanding the relationship between the colors used

It can feel like a party going to an art supply store and ogling all the paint tubes. But then which colors to use? And which ones are made from which primaries? Is that color transparent or opaque? Warm or cool?

Once you fully understand color you can either choose to mix your colors or choose the paint colors that really work together.



The BELIEF having fewer choices or a smaller palette will somehow limit them and thus the quality of the finished work

The thought of being told what colors to use, or how many for that matter, makes you bristle and that inner rebel come out loud and strong.

The good news is,

YOU choose your color palette. No one else.

This is about empowering you to make confident choices in color, not telling you THE ONLY path to using color.

There’s good news.

This is all possible.

You can feel empowered, independent, free to choose colors and confidently, even intuitively, use them in your art.


Color with Confidence is the only course of it’s kind that:


Guides artists

quickly and efficiently through both theory and application of working with color wheels, color charts, and effective layering of colors.

Demonstrates how

simplifying your color palette may literally be the one thing that helps you find more time and freedom in your studio.

Coaches You

through confidently choosing colors that work in harmony for a successful finished artwork.

 So what exactly do you get?

Review and lay out all the information about color theory you either didn’t get or tuned out about in your art classes because it’s with this foundation you can feel fully empowered in your color choices.

 In this module uncover:

-the 3 properties of color, what are they and how do they work?

-how to actually use a color wheel

-how and WHY choosing a color palette makes stronger art

Begin to explore different color palettes of your choosing to create a color chart that will actually help you better mix and pair the colors on your canvas.


In this module we explore:

-An example of one kind of color chart you can create

-Go through a step-by-step demonstration of creating your own color chart, and

-review how to use a color chart and color wheel

This module is all about how you combine and layer colors. We don’t want to end up with a ugly brown color when we intend bright layering! What colors can you pick before so they don’t appear murky-looking…

We will discuss how to maintain bright, vibrant colors while also layering them for your work.


-What are glazes and how are they used?

-how does the order and arrangement of layers of color impact your art?

-working with complementary colors to explore vibrancy

-the area most artists need the most work in (value)

It’s time to roll up your sleeves and take out those paintbrushes if you haven’t yet already. Post your palettes and color charts for feedback here. Also, I offer three special challenges to encourage color enthusiasts and advanced students to further challenge.



-Just how many kinds of brown can you mix?

-How well do you actually use value in your paintings?

-IS the palette you’ve chosen really working for you?


The largest problem artists have facing color

is they don’t take the time to study it or apply their new understanding, which leaves it all in the realm of theory. It means it’s harder to be spontaneous with color in our art, and to confidently trust our intuitive process. 


This is why I only want students investing in this program who mean to show up and finish it. If you show up, do the lessons, get feedback on your palettes and color charts, and complete at least one challenge, you will make stronger art.

When you join color with confidence

you immediately gain access to all program content, which you can either stream through the website or download to watch at your convenience. There is no waiting for lessons to open up or become available, it’s ALL available as soon as you log in.

Too many artists avoid this work because it feels intimidating, baffling, and maybe even boring. It doesn’t have to be. In fact, it can reinvigorate, inspire and help you create new, even stronger art.

I’m 100% confident that showing up, making time to practice, and making use of the comments section in the course will get you results. This is why there are no refunds once you invest in this program. 

What you get when you enroll today:


All 4 modules ready to play


Video demonstrations you can download or stream


Comments area to ask your questions and get feedback


The chance to change your color circumstance, now

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have to buy a lot of new art supplies?

The point of Color with Confidence isn’t to tell you which medium or colors to use, but instead give you all the information and exercises to practice applying these ideas with the tools you already have available to you.

Some students decide they want to add or change up the colors they use after this workshop, and that might involve investing in new art supplies. Otherwise, you can use what you already own, in whatever medium.

What materials do I actually need?

In this workshop you will need a pencil or pen, and a sketchbook or paper if you wish to take notes. The slideshow will be made available to students.

Additionally, you will need: the medium of your choice (colored pencils, oil paints, acrylics, watercolors, etc.) and it’s assorted tools, a large piece of heavy weight watercolor paper, and a pencil. I will conduct the demonstration using acrylic paint.

Will I lose my sense of freedom and openness to playing with color?

Quite the opposite! Harnessing our intuition and engaging in play is easier when we have full understanding of the art techniques and theory we wish to explore.

Overtime you will find your intuitive decisions as an artist are naturally stronger because of all the learning you make time to take in and apply.

When you mix colors something entirely different comes out than you expect - why did it turn green when I add black?

I’m not going to go into the details of every single color, but I am going to give you the tools to understand and anticipate when things like this happen.

You will better understand the how and why of moments like this one because you’ve spent time applying your understanding of color theory to the exercises inside this workshop.

How much time do I need?

I don’t believe in drowning you with content, I want you to learn and apply the new information you’ve encountered and get back to your studio (yes, that includes your dining room table).

You can easily finish this course over 7 days, or more leisurely over the course of a month on the weekends.

What if I'm still not sure it's right for me?

Email me or DM me on my on Instagram: @ArtistStrong.
I want you to be confident not only in your use of color, but in any investment you make with me and my programs. Let’s talk through your situation and see if it’s a right fit.

When you sign up you have 7-days to explore the program before making any final commitments.


Color with confidence is Perfect for you if you've thought...

“I know theory but don’t know how to apply it”

“Warm blues, cool blues are confusing to me”


“I struggle to put colors together”


“I doubt my ability to match the colors”


“I’m apprehensive about color mixing – I want hands on or tutorials on how to feel more awareness”


Start here for $97Get Color with Confidence Advanced

Color with Confidence

With your investment of $97 USD you will get access to: all workshop videos that you can download, as well as additional worksheets or lessons I add to the program.

This does NOT include the private portfolio review of any of your art.

Confidence with Color Advanced includes everything your $97 investment would, plus a privately recorded, individual critique of your portfolio specifically discussing your use of color.

Please understand it will take several days upon receiving images of your art to record and create your personalized feedback experience. I aim to respond to students in 24-48 hours.